Sunday, August 28, 2005

What's cooking good looking?,
Looks like you've stumbled upon my very first blog! Like all nascent things, it isn't very impressive, but you just of these days this thing will look less like a birth-goo covered fetus and more like, well, a washed fetus, perhaps? Give it time though; fetuses don't wash themselves.

Anyhow, the purpose of my blogging is to keep all of you who care informed about my travels in Europe. Those of you who don't particularly care are invited for the ride as well, but remember to keep your safety belts fastened.

I will earnestly try to represent all of my daily events as factually as possible, and in doing so, I know that I may offend some people with delicate sensibilities. To those people I submit this: The times they are a-changing. I am not a saint. Hell, I've tried to be and look how far its gotten me: nowhere. So I'm trying thing a little differently these days. Bear with me guys. If you are good friends you would realize that I need room to grow and make mistakes. How will I ever be expected to learn anything if I shelter myself from the good, bad, and ugly? That's the end of my disclaimer.

For those of you who don't know me let me catch you up to my life thus far. I am currently a student at college and I don't smoke, drink, or have sex. My life is boring. My days are spent dreaming about an existence that doesn't so closely resemble a coma. Recently, I have been thinking about breaking free and living life in the fast lane. I know it's probably not a great idea but truthfully speaking, my life doesn't seem to be getting more exciting as I age. In two years I'll be done with undergrad and then I'm off to library school to become a librarian. Not exactly racy. Maybe I'll become a law librarian so I could work alongside dickwads and strategize a way to kill them all. But seriously, the only reason why I am considering law librarianism is because the Myers-Briggs test said I am an ENTJ and that I should be a lawyer, but since I couldn't stand to be categorized as a lawyer, I'll be a law librarian instead. Sound good? Of course not. I can't base my life on some screwball test, no matter how much psychobabble acclaim it has. More likely than not, I'll become a writer and because I suck so bad I will become a member of the American Writer's Guild for Bums. There we will sit by bonfires while drinking homemade liquor out of a can, mending our socks, critiquing each others latest scribblings on the backs of greasy napkins and discarded lotto tickets, and cursing the day we chose such useless majors. It will be grand.