Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pretty close...

Today was a day that, in my frame of mind, I sincerely deem near perfect. 

It began very leisurely, rising at 9, cooking breakfast (burned my fake bacon, but no major loss), and skipped out of home at 10. The weather being so nice and mild, inspired me to walk to school. 

I headed down Beacon, taking in the sights and sounds (dodging runners, splashing in puddles, walking suspended in memories and light). Instead of taking the usual route into Simmons, I headed down Carlton street, and saw a beautiful Episcopalian church, and a young family, with two tiny babes. 

Then I crossed over the D Line at Longwood, and entered the Riverway--that lovely snowy park. Over the bridge, I saw two rather large fish grazing, and felt so light. Just then, I turned around, and was completely captivated by the grace of two swimming swans. It was so beautiful to see those four creatures interacting in that space of water. 

I thought about mating. In the biological sense. About how some creatures are capable of mating for life. I am constantly plagued by questions about our human capabilities of monogamy. It seems we are destined to fail.

I went along to the gym, and swam for an hour. There was an Asian man in the lane next to me doing a rather poor job of it, and I decided that I would secretly race him. I won every time. I especially enjoyed feeling the strain in my muscles when I really swam full force. It is quite easy to forget what the body is capable of doing. 

I then saw Ryan on my way to the library with Marti, but was forced to leave them. I went to my locker to unload, and passed by the Tech Lab. I was pleasantly surprised to see the back of Matt's bald head, freshly shaven. I went in, pretended to check my email, and finally said hello. It was more like, "Matt?" and he's like "Oh, hey."

We proceeded to have a rather small conversation. He talked of internship applications, and I told him that my eating hours are all out of whack by virtue of the fact that I lived in Europe last year. He told me about his time in St. Peterburg, and I was off. It seems that our interactions are like bursts. It is only a matter of time, I think, before we start having more in-depth meetings. At least he seems inclined. 

I then had lunch, and called Marilyn, as it is her birthday. We got off to a choppy start (it's been ages since we last talked) but then things started to go more fluidly. I didn't know that she's in such an economic bind. I felt very sorry for all the things she told me. But then we talked about better times, and we shared our special take on life that is always so humorous. I told her about my progress with Dad, and all the things I had learned about Grandma. She told me about her brother leaving for college. 

Then Matt appeared very close to me, and I was talking about beef hearts with Marilyn. I was a bit embarrassed so I ran off, without saying a word. It was foolish. 

 Back to the library to pretend to study for a while. Sat with 3 other library students. Thought about the futility of this Master's degree, and how asinine it is. Was rather surprised to hear similar thought from the other students. Felt less alone.

I ventured to the ICA to see High Places. On the T, there were two guys talking about the music industry. I smiled at them, when a crowd of boisterous girls came onto the train. God, I hope I was never like them.

The guys smiled at me back. I seemed to be implicated in their conversation somehow. As if, from that moment forward, they were going to say things in order to try and impress me. The truth is that I didn't listen much, as I had an earful of Fleet Foxes (my newest musical obsession).

After much meandering around Southie, I finally made it to the ICA. I was in a room filled with people that fit my standards of attractiveness (all very weird, with a touch of sadness). It was difficult to sit still. There was an Asian girl that I was particularly drawn to, because she was wearing a hideous outfit. I happen to be a big fan of hideous outfits, because they show character, and balls (take that, fashion machine!). 

Finally the music began. Watching Soft Circles, that one-man band, construct layers and textures of sound was fascinating. I thought it was especially well done considering that High Places did just the opposite. Their pieces began as full melodic songs, and slowly they disassembled before our eyes. 

I especially enjoyed the girls voice. It had a touch of nostalgia in it, for things lost and old. The accompanying images were also striking. My favorites were a shot of heirloom tomatoes at a farmer's market, and a man observing the world whizz by from his seat in the train, feet up, blue socks on chair. The snow outside looking like a moving-picture show. 

I remembered the joy to be had from live music. 

I hope more days are like this one. Wrapped in memories of you (the good kind).