Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It was a hot day on the dark side of the moon.

Yesterday I was able to behold one of the most beautiful natural phenomena ever: a complete solar eclipse, right over Madrid. It was a strange thing for me to see. I mean it was nothing more than a black circle surrounded by a ring of white hot light, but somehow to me it felt like a religious experience. I very seldomly have "religious experiences" but when they happen I get into a mood where I just want to create. I wanted nothing more than to go home after the eclipse and write about it, but instead I got to go back to my art class where we were discussing Tiziano's take on Charles V. Later in the day, when the feeling hadn't yet passed, I met up with Lina and was eager to share the beauty of it with her. I started out by telling her that I was very excited because I had seen the dark side of the moon, and it was breathtaking. She quickly corrected me by explaining that the dark side of the moon never faces earth because of the moon's orbit. And there went my inspiration. She crushed my dreams. I was going to compose some kind of cheesy poem that related the dark side of the moon to my life but, alas, another natural phenomenon will have to occur before I subject you to something like that faithful reader. Why can't people let others blindly believe in erroneous things? If the people of the world would be so generous as to let fools believe in lies then I might still be Catholic. Lies are so much better anyway. Just look at Don Quijote (I know you are gonna say he is a bad example because he dies in the end, but he only dies because he is so crushed to discover that he based his life on a pack of lies, had he never discovered this, he might have died with more honor, instead of sick with grief in his bed. And you can't deny that knight errantry, no matter how antiquated and impractical, caused Don Q a great deal of joy. So there. It's like telling little kids that Santa Claus doesn't exist. It's bad karma people, don't do it!) So instead of composing a saccharine sonnet, I became all bitter (because I really hate being proved wrong) and cursed my rudimentary knowledge of astronomy. My eyes even got a little bit watery. I wanted so bad to go home and listen to Pink Floyd and just retreat into a mini depression but instead I had to endure more school. I was very angry at Lina for about 5 whole minutes, and related to her that I am very good at holding grudges, in a threatening kind of way. But I don't think she bought it cause all she did was scold me and tell me that holding grudges isn't healthy. Well screw it, I don't care, I like holding grudges and I am damn good at it too. And she should not have crushed my dreams with her high falutin, fancy schamancy science. Who needs science anyway? Don't answer that. But anyway, I gotta go read up on Don Quijote's latest adventures. I'll keep you posted if anything interesting happens.

Goodnight Madrid,

ps- In three days I am going to Amsterdam, and yes, I may even get high for the first time in my life (even if it means relinquishing my title as the only person in my whole family of 70 + people who hasn't smoked the herb). Wish me luck!

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Valentina said...

I don´t know if you still write here, or read the comments of you blog... but the fact is that I found it by chance and simply loved.
I´m brazilian... from Brasília.
Well, are you still living in Madrid? Write more!
See you