Friday, September 30, 2005

Booze Initiate

September 8, 2005

Dear Diary,

Day two was filled with activity, but of a less agitated kind. We spent the day at el Instituto. Afterwards we went to the photo shop and had a lovely chat with the attendant, who was quite a friendly fellow. Then we headed to El Corte Ingles, in search of adapters and ran into some gringas from our program who were giving the attendant a hard time. He was very patient with them, however. I am convinced that the Spanish are a very friendly people. Thereafter we headed to dinner and met a nice guy named Matt who actually has a Spanish background, he was great until he mentioned a very crucial fact: his girlfriend. The fish was delicious. Then we went with Mike to Segunda Jazz and we heard Johnny and the B. Goodies rock out some classic tunes. I had a glass of wine that was quite good; Lina had a Cuba Libre and a whisky on the rocks while mike had some cutty sark and a whisky on the rocks. The waiter was amazing as he attended to a full house and somehow kept a mental tab on everyone. Unfortunately we had to skip out on the show early because the Metro closes at 1:30am. We then proceeded to Sol where we decided to grab some tapas and beer. We settled on Café Ibiza where we had some craptastic beer with some scrumptious patatas bravas and some fried chorizo, all sopping with grease. We had a hard time downing that god- awful beer but we finally made it, just as they turned off the lights. I think we were a bit tipsy as our walk home seemed to me sloppier than usual, I can’t tell though, being a novice at drinking and all. I saw La Negra Tomasa and became quite excited as I remember hearing about this premier Cuban restaurant on the news back in Miami. The place was hopping, as can be expected of a Cuban establishment. We made it back home and here I am typing this with a mean case of heartburn. I think Lina is falling in love with Andres, and even though it may not be the wisest thing, I’m really happy for her. Love does Lina good. Well, that is all I have to say about that.

Goodnight Madrid.

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